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Common Questions about the
Agency Growth Mastermind Network

What Is the Agency Growth Mastermind Network?
Who Will Benefit Most from This Program?
What Is Duration of the Program?
What Are the Key Deliverables that Make Up the Program?
What Results Can a Member Expect to Produce?
How Do You Ensure Competitors Are Not Accepted into the Same Mastermind Group?
How Do I Become a Member of This Program?


What Is the Agency Growth Mastermind Network?

The Agency Growth Mastermind Network (AGMN) is a 12-month executive level peer exchange network of 10-15 like-minded, forward-thinking benefits practice leaders who understand the need and opportunity of transforming their agency to adapt to the post-reform world.  These top agency leaders will work together and share best practices for the good of the member agencies. 

Through live meetings, private mastermind sessions (both in-person and conferencing), as well as direct access to the industry’s leading professionals on the topics of agency operations, prospecting, sales and management, participants will be able to adopt the most worthwhile strategies without experiencing the setbacks, false starts and wasted resources of making these substantial changes by one’s self.

Who Will Benefit Most from This Program?

This program is intensive and is not for most benefits professionals.  Only thoughtful, ambitious and visionary benefits leaders will be accepted into the program.  Participants will be expected to interact with their fellow members in a meaningful way.  This program is action-oriented so those who wish to remain completely passive need not apply.

More specifically, this program is aimed at the CEOs, presidents and owners of benefits agencies with annual revenues between $1 million and $3 million.  Agencies outside of that revenue range may be considered however, depending upon their specific situation.  Multiple participants may be accepted from the same organization with reduction of investment for those additional participants.

What Is Duration of the Program?

The Agency Growth Mastermind Network is a 12-month program.  That said, the program will continue past the initial 12-months in an advanced and altered form for the alumni. 

During those 12-months, participants will be asked to engage through phone conferencing with the group monthly and attend at least 2 of 3 live exclusive events during the year.  These events are included in the investment of the program.


What Are the Key Deliverables that Make Up the Program?

The Agency Growth Mastermind Network is mixture of critical deliverables all necessary for optimum success and results from the program. 

Specifically, the deliverables can be divided into four key categories:

Access to the AGMN “Faculty of Experts” – We have assembled the industry’s top authorities on the topics of…

- Consultative selling and cross-selling,
- Voluntary benefits and value add products and services,
- Marketing, prospecting and positioning,
- Firm management, performance benchmarks and agency valuation,
- Sales management and benefits strategic planning,

…as well as to some of the most highly regarded experts on specialties such as time management, internet marketing, benefits communication, agency technology, public relations and referrals.

Best Practices from Peers – One of the most significant advantages AGMN members have over their competition is that they are able to actively provide each other with the answer to the most critical question for success “what’s working now?” 

As members meet with each other over the phone and at live mastermind events, they will be able to share their successes that each member will then be able to use.  Then, the group will reveal their biggest challenges which the group will then work with them on to come up with the best solutions.

Proven Information & Ready-To-Use Tools – Detailed processes, systems and operations will be given to each member throughout the program all designed to produce more effectiveness and efficiency for their respective agencies.  In addition, marketing, sales and management documents, programs and templates that are ready-to-use will be given to each member throughout the program as well.

Consistent Guidance & Support – Finally, and perhaps most critically, members will only be as alone as they choose to be.  Each week, their will be some level of available guidance and support.  Each month, their will be a group phone conference to deliver information, answer member questions and allow members to share their successes.

Naturally, there are many other more detailed deliverables including:

- AGMN Member Online Portal
- Organized Notes & Recordings from Events
- Personal One-On-One Time with Experts of Your Choice
- Weekly AGMN Member Communications
- Access to Exclusive Services & Offers
…as well as several others.

And while members will have access to all these deliverables, the content of the program will be delivered in a very strategic, intentional way so as to not create information overload or overwhelm those members.

What Results Can a Member Expect to Produce?

Naturally, AGMN members will be starting this program from many different situations.  Some may be focused on client-acquisition while another may be looking to maximize their current clients.  Therefore, there are really two sets of results that will be produced for each AGMN participating member.

First, the AGMN member will go through the AGMN program with the primary purpose and focus on transforming their benefits firm into a 21st Century Agency – an agency that is positioned to not only remain completely relevant in the post-reform world but also able to steadily grow even as other competing agencies are struggling.  Specifically, a 21st Century Agency runs like a well-oiled machine, complete with processes and systems, and actions driven by facts, not fads. 

-Such an agency has expanded its offerings portfolio in an intentional and strategic way, thus allowing it to solve many problems for their clients locking them in with those clients while simultaneously creating new revenue streams for the agency.

-Such an agency has implemented a proven process for attracting ideal prospects and then moving those prospects through a process that turns them into lifelong clients.        

-Such an agency has adopted an Advisory Selling approach from its leaders down through its account service personnel to increase both the agency’s closing ratio as well as the ease and speed of the sales process.

-Such an agency manages itself based on actual data and activity instead of guesswork, estimation or hope.  Similarly, the 21st Century Agency manages its producers based on their weekly activities and provides incentives for their positive performance. 

The second set of results that a AGMN member can expect to experience are those that directly relate to their specific situation.  If an AGMN member’s agency is struggling in a particular area, that member will receive focused, dedicated guidance and help focused on improving that specific area of their business.


How Do You Ensure Competitors Are Not Accepted in the Same Mastermind Group?

As the mastermind is limited to only 10-15 members, only non-competing benefits leaders are accepted into the program.  Thus, each member will not have to share their “secrets of success” with competitors.

The first criteria for an AGMN candidate is the consideration of where their agency operates and if there are any competing agency leaders who have already reserved a spot in the program.  For that reason, there is urgency for interested, prospective AGMN members to go through the qualification process.  Otherwise, a participating competitor may lock them out of the program.

If an AGMN candidate is locked out of the mastermind, they will be placed on a waiting list until the competing member finishes the program or until the next mastermind group made up of non-competing members is created.

How Do I Become a Member of This Program?

You must be accepted into the Agency Growth Mastermind Network.  You cannot simply make the investment and be a member of the program.

To be accepted, you must complete the qualification and application process.  While this is not lengthy, the process is critical as each participant will play a part in how effective and meaningful the AGMN becomes to all of its members.

The qualification and application process includes a phone interview, paper application, and final personal, casual conversation with Nelson Griswold and Scott Cantrell to ensure the candidate will make a good member of the AGMN.

To begin this process or to ask questions about the program, contact the Bottom Line Solutions at (615)-656-5974 or email to set-up a phone call from a Agency Growth Mastermind Network representative.



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What clients are saying...

Those brokers that adopt the plan clearly laid out here and reinvent their agency will quickly dominate their markets and find more success than they ever imagined.

Joshua Hilgers
Health Partners America
Birmingham, AL

This four-step approach to creating a 21st Century Agency...will give any employee benefits agency a manageable and progressive process to transform itself and become a more valuable, more dominant, and more profitable business.

Robert Shestack
Natl. Sales Leader / Employer Benefits
Marsh U.S. Consumer
Princeton, NJ