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The Clock Is Ticking…



Will Your Benefits Firm Be Ready for the
Worst Effects of Healthcare Reform Come 2014?


For an Elite Group of Non-Competing Benefits Leaders,
the Answer Is "Yes" Because They Will Have Adopted a New
Business Model that Is Completely Reform-Proof.


JUST IN TIME.  With benefits industry in a massive state of chaos, and many in a quandary about how they will prepare for the worst of PPACA, the time has come for a systematized, step-by-step plan benefits agency leaders can follow to reinvent their firms for post-reform success.

The Agency Growth Mastermind Network provides benefits leaders hands-on, customized guidance, direction and implementation of the industry’s only comprehensive plan for benefits agency reinvention laid out in the new book, Do Or Die: Reinventing Your Benefits Agency for Post-Reform Success.

The authors of Do Or Die, Nelson Griswold and Scott Cantrell are leading agency growth consultants and began shaping this plan more than four years ago knowing that healthcare reform was only a matter of time.  These thought-leaders serve as the directors of the Agency Growth Mastermind Network and will be leading the members alongwith a faculty of other top industry experts through a 12-month, exclusive program.

Specifically, this intensive program will allow benefits agencies to achieve two key outcomes:

1) Preservation of their current success and revenues by remaining relevant to the marketplace
2) Taking advantage of substantial, ‘hidden’ opportunities that are now on the horizon.

To learn more about the Agency Growth Mastermind Network go to the Program Overview section of the site.  Or if you’re interested in participating, click here to fill out a brief Interest Form and request the Executive Briefing.



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Do Or Die The Book

What clients are saying...

Nelson's teaching, authorship, and leadership will help set his students and peers apart from the competition allowing for huge growth possibilities as the industry changes. I would recommend anyone who is willing to embrace change and invest in personal and corporate improvement to reach out for services and advice from Nelson.

Greg Carlton
Principal & SVP – Employee Benefits & Wellness
Peel & Holland
Benton, KY

I’ve known Nelson Griswold for many years; he’s the type of visionary our industry needs and this is the antidote to the uncertainty and doubt plaguing so many agencies in this time of transition.

Chester Bullard
Executive Vice President
The L. Warner Companies, Inc.
Timonium, MD