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Transform Your Benefits Firm
into a 21st Century Agency

Your Challenge

As the leader of an employee benefits agency, you face a challenge new to our industry. As a result of economic pressures, industry trends, and the massive regulatory changes of PPACA, the 1960s-era agency business model that has worked well up until now is no longer viable.

With the industry in chaos, thoughtful agency leaders are considering their options of an immediate exit strategy, giving up their independence by merging their agency into a national firm, or reinventing their agency to remain relevant and profitable post reform and to achieve growth and greater market share.

However, only the last option, reinventing your agency with a new 21st Century Agency business model, will allow you to:

  • - Preserve your business, your income, your independence and your legacy; and

    - Position your agency to capitalize on the huge growth opportunities being created by healthcare reform and to dominate your market post reform.

Agency reinvention, however, is no small task and requires not only a detailed new business model but also a comprehensive plan to make this daunting enterprise feasible in the short time available.

The Solution

Nelson Griswold and his co-author Scott Cantrell’s new book, DO OR DIE: Reinventing Your Benefits Agency for Post-Reform Success, offers agency leaders the industry’s only comprehensive and detailed plan for agency reinvention. The four steps of agency reinvention provide a straight-forward map to follow to achieve a 21st Century Agency.

Still, even with a reliable and detailed map, agency reinvention is a daunting task, especially with 2014 and the full implementation of PPACA looming in the near future. Few agency leaders have the time, staff and bandwidth to implement the full range of reforms and business strategies required to become a 21st Century Agency…without help.

Nelson Griswold and Scott Cantrell, who literally wrote the book on agency reinvention, have created Agency Growth Mastermind Network, an executive peer-exchange network for agency leaders that will provide them with:

- Industry best practices;
- Encouragement and accountability;
- Guidance from the industry leading experts;
- Coaching and mentoring;
- Done-for-you tools; and
- A detailed curriculum and timeline to achieve agency reinvention into a 21st Century Agency business model in time for 2014.

This exclusive program is limited to 10-15 progressive, motivated and non-competing agency leaders. This program is not for every agency leader. But it might be for you.

The Agency Growth Mastermind Network offers the fastest and easiest path to agency reinvention to preserve your income and independence and to position you for growth and market domination in the post-reform world.

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Do Or Die The Book

What clients are saying...

I’ve known Nelson Griswold for many years; he’s the type of visionary our industry needs and this is the antidote to the uncertainty and doubt plaguing so many agencies in this time of transition.

Chester Bullard
Executive Vice President
The L. Warner Companies, Inc.
Timonium, MD

Reinventing my agency seems like a mission impossible...but now, I’m confident that through Nelson and Scott’s help and direction I can implement this plan in my agency and be ready for 2014.

Bob Jabour
Agency Principal
Texas Health
Plano, TX